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"Innovative information technologies in agro-economic research, disseminate the results of application development"

TÁMOP 4.2.3-08/1-2009-0004

2009. October 1 - 2011. November 30

Project description

The Hungarian Association of Agricultural Informatics executes the project "The dissemination of innovative information technologies, agro-economic research and development, adaptation results" as a part of the Social Renewal Operational Program, New Hungary Development Plan.


  • Development of a scientific website, that will disseminate the R & D and innovation results reached towards the economic sector. Furthermore, the aim is to provide information on the site's operational awareness.
  • The foundation of the electronic journal "Agrárinformatika/Agricultural informatics (Information technology in the agricultural sector)".
  • The publication of research results, publishing books of agricultural information topics.
  • Scientific international conferences, organization of national events.
  • Support the scientific work of students and young researchers.


The scientific information portal assures possibilities for the dissemination and awareness of higher education research and development, innovation results in the economic sector. Moreover, it gives an opportunity for members and teachers, researchers and professionals of this field to ensure their active participation in professional fields. It offers services to individual and corporate members, as well as for those interested.

The electronic journal plays a significant innovative role in this field, as it is an important stop-gap, a mediator of the new scientific results' dissemination. By these means, it offers a new service to its members, other professional organizations and agricultural ventures. It is a stop-gap Hungarian/ English language journal, which aims to help dissemination of the publication, utilization and harness of research work on highly-developed information technologies in the field of agriculture. Furthermore, the goal is to improve the innovational capacity of the sector.

It enhances the awareness on the topic of agricultural informatics studies by publishing the attained results of research work. It also helps to inform professionals in the field of agricultural informatics. Teachers and researchers of this field have a very limited number of opportunities available to share their research results with publicity. Since material resources for publications are restricted and English resources do not include research results on Hungary's domestic environment, it offers a useful opportunity for teachers/ researchers and the results of PhD research work to be divulged, published in study books.

It helps to improve and assist professionals of the Hungarian non-profit and entrepreneur sphere to share experience with each other and to strengthen international connections by organizing international scientific conferences and domestic programs. The Hungarian Association of Agricultural Informatics has regularly organized conferences during its activity of 10 years, furthermore acted as a co-organizer in preparing and holding conferences. The project aims to improve the assistance of the professionals and the profession. Furthermore, its goal is also to ameliorate the opportunities of organizing international conferences in Hungary.

The scientific work of students and young researchers will be supported by calls for proposals, the formation of awards and giving awards. To support talent, it plays an important role in the organization of national and local programs. The organization has been calling for tenders for five years now for thesis and Students' Scientific Conference papers. Today, more and more papers are written on the topics of the application of informatics in several fields of agriculture

The expansion of the association's activities is important because of the three following reasons. First of all, to be an incentive for obtaining high-level research works. Secondly, it provides opportunities for young researchers (PhD students) to be appreciated in the professional field. Furthermore, it acquaints the results of research work with a wide range of enquirers.